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Sheryl your new 'artizan' button is on the dyepot button page... try it out.
If you like it let us know and I will email it to you. Add it where the other buttons are. When you click it it will try to open artizan.html .. make sure your page name matches this. Copy the paragraph containing the artizan references and paste it into your pages where you want it. Remember to make backups before you start playing.

To get the code follow the instructions ..

  • right click
  • view source
  • click drag over the paragraph to highlight it
  • copy
  • open up you home page and place your cursor and paste

Click for dyepotbutton.html
Click for subscribe.html.. not needed now...

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Old Material

Sheryl have a look at the new contactus page. If you like it :

  • right click
  • view source
  • File/Save As...
  • contactus(1).htm into your site folder (note: 'htm' not 'html')
  • We now need to alter another page to inform your visitors of your mailing list and where it is (i.e. on your contacts page). Let me know which page and any wording/layout preferences.

Only the button you sent me can be seen, but all your buttons will be visible once placed into your site htdocs folder (same applies for the other graphics)